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The Cooperative Spelling Game

Where you take turns writing letters to spell words together.

Players take alternating turns writing 1 letter at a time to spell out a word. Each letter written must either complete the word or allow a word to be completed through the addition of more letters.

When a word has been completed, and the next player cannot, or does not wish to add another letter to the word that player should write an underscore _ to signal the end of the word and begin a new word by writing a letter on next line.

If a player is unable to think of a letter which would complete or continue the current word they may scratch, by crossing out the word. The next player should then begin a new word by writing a letter on the next line.

Legal words must be in the English vernacular and exclude proper nouns.

For legibility, players should write in CAPITAL LETTERS.

2 Player Game: Play starts with the youngest player and continues as normal alternating between the two players. Whenever a player ends a word, they should mark the word as theirs, count the number of letters in the word, and write that number next to the finished word.

After 10 words have been written, players receive points equal to the number of letters in each word that they finished. The player with the most points wins.

4 Player Game:
Divide players into 2 teams of 2 players each.

Starting with the youngest player, and continuing clockwise, all players take turns writing letters until a single word has been written and ended with an _. This word is the "Seed" word for this round.

Return the paper to the team of the player who started, the other team should copy the word onto their paper. Players on both teams then take turns writing letters to spell 10 words which are related to the seed word.

For example, if the seed word was "dog" then some related responses would include; adorable, rabid, loyal, cat, beagle, and pound.

When both teams are finished writing they should exchange papers and score their opponents words, awarding 2 points for each directly related word, 1 point for somewhat related words, 0 points for unrelated words, and -1 for each scratch. For competitive tournament play an impartial judge should be chosen to score the cards.

Once the scores for the round are determined they should be recorded and the players should begin another seed round starting with the player to the left of the one who started the last round.

The game should last 4 rounds, with each player starting a seed round. Once 4 rounds are over, add the scores and the team with the most points is the winner. Alternately, players may agree to play to a set number of points.

This game was created as project for Special Topics: New Media taught by Colleen Ludwig at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. You are free to modify, distribute, and otherwise have fun playing this game any way you want to, just don't sell it. Fun should be free!

If you have suggestions for gameplay variations, comments, questions, or anything else at all to say to me I can be reached at


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